Select News Reports


His public life spans over two and a half decades. As a police officer, as a writer, as a social worker and a political activist he and his innovative experiments have attracted wide attention. Some of the news reports selected from various fields of his endeavour are here.



The Indian Express, 2008, New Delhi:

On educating the underprivileged.

(The vertical news report has been cut and pasted in a landscape view)

The Hindustan Times, 2014

On taking politics seriously

(The HT gives top space to PKS and his party on its election coverage page for Jharkhand)


The Hindustan Times, National Page, 2014

(On how PM Modi emulated the cleanliness campaign started by the BSD and Mr Siddharth)

Dainik Bhaskar, Front Page, 2014

The Times of India, 2014

The Hindustan Times, 2014

(Age wrongly mentioned in the report: 69 in place of 58)

Hindustan, 2013

The HT, 1990

As Superintendent of Police, Dumka he persuades hardened criminal comunities to live a normal  life.

The Times of India, 1991

(Identifying and freeing the bonded labour)

Hindustan, 2009, front page

(Speaks against corruption openly even while in service)

The Hindustan Times, 2006

The Telegraph, 2008

On the poverty alleviation programme evolved by PKS

Ranchi Express, 2010

(On the film series on 'Rich from Farming' directed by PKS)