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Mr Siddharth formed a political party which was formally registered 0n the 29th August 2014 with the Election Commission of India. Very shortly thereafter his party fielded three candidates in the Jharkhand Assembly Elections just to have the experience of real politics and the way Indian elections are fought. Though predictably none of the three candidates could make it to the Assembly, the experience earned has given insights to the party and its President Mr Siddharth to prepare for future elections with due preparations. Though an entirely new party, that too without the necessary financial resources, the party's voice was heard with seriousness by the people and the media, which is reflected in his photo and statement being published on top in the full page election coverage of the Hindustan Times, which is given below.

The Hindustan Times, 2014

The Hindustan Times, National Page, 2014

A report by none other than the Resident Editor, HT Jharkhand on how the cleanliness campaign launched first by the BSD was emulated by PM Modi

The Times of India, 2014

The HT, National Page, 2014.


The HT, 2014

The Pioneer, 2014

The Times of India, 2014

There are hundreds of other news items on Mr Siddharth and his political activism on the website of the political party.