A policeman


Mr Siddhartha’s dauntless actions against the high and the mighty, care for the underprivileged, drive against corruption in the police department, and innovative approach in involving the civil society in dispensing justice have attracted wide media attention and won him many accolades. Some of the news reports below throw light on these various aspects.

The Times of India: 1991

A poor old potter, who was also a poet, was dislodged from his land and hut in the heart of the District Hqrs town Daltonganj. When he sat in dharna outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office against the injustice,  the DC got him into jail, where the potter went on a fast against this extreme injustice. Mr Siddharth visited the jail and talked to the potter, and then pressurized the administration to give him justice. The administration woke up thereafter.

The Times of India, 1991

Bonded labourers brought to light and finally freed.

The Hinduatan Times, 1990

Those who were criminals in Dumka District for generations, were convinced to leave crime and join the mainstream under 'Operation Balmiki' named after the famous poet and sage Valmiki who was also once a robber.

The Hinduatan Times, 1990

Cleansing the police department

Reining in the Ultra Leftists

Reining in feudal lord's private armies
Protecting the poor
Freeing the innocent
Booking the corrupt
Front page headlines of Hindustan, 2009
Speaking against corruption while in service