People's Jury, 2014


Bharatiya Suraaj Manch had formed people's jury in Jharkhand before the parliamentary elections 2014 for ranking the candidates in different parliamentary constituencies. There was a national Jury headed by Justice P.B. Sawant, a state Jury headed by Justice Vikramaditya Prasad and other juries at the Constituency level. These juried interviewed the candidates and judged their suitability based on predesigned criteria.



Ex-Chief Secretary Smt Lakshmi Singh, a State People's Jury Member, speaking at the time of launch of the Jury at Ranchi 
Jharkhand State People's Jury members from left: R.D. Singh, industrialist, Mukhtiyar Singh, ex-IAS, Justice Vikramaditya Prasad, Lakshmi Singh, ex-Chief Secretary, Gladson Dungdung, social activist, Shivendu Kumar, agricultural scientist seen on stage at the time of inauguration of the People's Jury at Ranchi.

Gathering at the time of launch of the People's Jury

P.K. Siddharth briefing the media on the objects of the People's Jury

PK Siddharth addrtressing press.JPG

People's Jury sitting to publicly interview political candidates

A candidate speaking before the People's Jury