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His work has been attracting media attention all along as a police officer, a social worker, an educator and a political activist.

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Here are a few news reports spanning over two decades which reflect his work as a  police officer, a social worker, an author and an educator.

A social worker

He has been associated with various social organisations founded or inspired by him, like Bharat Shodh and its public affairs forum the Citizens Commission for National Issues, Bharatiya Chetna Kendra and Bharatiya Suraaj Manch. He has worked intensively on poverty alleviation and livelihood, on political and electoral reforms, and education. Some of the representative news clips on these issues can be found here

An educator

Mr Siddharth has been addressing children and youth in schools and colleges off and on, and has been holding residential camps of underprivileged children for their holistic development. Three of these residential camps were held at Ranchi, New Delhi and Rishikesh. Based on these experiences, he has developed a Total Education regime which has been outlined in his book Sampurn Kranti Ki Bhumika.

A police officer

Mr Siddhartha’s dauntless actions against the high and the mighty, care for the underprivileged, drive against corruption in the police department, and innovative approach in involving the civil society in dispensing justice have attracted wide media attention and won him many accolades. Some of the news reports throw light on these various aspects.

An author
A political activist