Mr Siddharth entered the Indian Police Service in 1981. Inspired by his grandfather's younger cousin Late Sri Jai Prakash Narayan, the famous revolutionary and social worker, he was unwilling to join the government service, but had to give in to the family pressure. However, finally he quit government job in 2010 to devote himself full time to social work. Much before leaving the government job, he had started working part time for social work and had also began writing in national newspapers. In 1998 he founded a social organisation called Bharat Shodh with its public affairs forum the Citizen’s Commission for National Issues.  Some of India’s most eminent people joined him in the social and intellectual endeavor. This organisation was responsible for initiating and completing the first ever corruption survey of 14 states of India in the year 2001-02 with the help of the participation of 22 Indian universities. For economic empowerment of farmers, under the direct guidance of Mr Siddharth, Bharat Shodh produced a series of films on farmers and farming which were later relayed by the Indian national television channel Doordarshan across the country in 2010-11. The success of educational camps organised by Mr Siddharth for underprivileged children, while he was still in service, had attracted wide media attention.

After quitting service he spent about three and a half years researching and writing on national issues trying to

 find out solutions to them. This quest led to writing of the book ‘Sampurn Kranti Ki Bhumika’ (A Preface to Total Revolution’). He has authored and edited nearly a dozen books on various subjects. In 2014 he headed another social organisation called ‘Bharatiya Suraaj Manch’ which worked exclusively on governance issues. The organisation did a remarkable work by forming People’s Juries in different Parliamentary Constituencies in the north Indian state of Jharkhand before the 2014 elections to the Indian Parliament. The People’s Juries rated the contestants and published their report cards before the elections to help people exercise a more informed choice.

Finding the voluntary social work woefully inadequate to make a difference in the big picture, Mr Siddharth formed a political organisation only to realize that today's politics needed serious systemic changes before well-meaning people could enter and succeed in it. It was discovered that the country of today did not have enough selfless people to dedicate themselves to the cause of nation building, and that a fresh crop of young nation builders had to be raised. Also, spiritual foundations of the society were to be reinforced to prepare better and dedicated human beings. Therefore, he has of late been focusing on building Gita Dhams in towns and villages to serve as spiritual shelters and total development centers, including economic development.

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